This Is Stan Byrdy’s Augusta

Stan Byrdy’s Augusta is an Augusta that is rare; a city-scene maintained by Stan’s willingness to uphold the rich history of what is known best here — golf. But this is not the golf history so easily attributed to how we view it today; Stan’s understanding of it reaches farther, pulling out not simply that which is interesting and neat, but that which is foundational to making this city what it now is. Stan Byrdy’s Augusta is an Augusta that fills in the information gaps of golf culture, and offers that substance refreshed, a city-scene in new light. This is why it is rare. This is why Stan Byrdy’s Augusta is an Augusta to be noted.

Since 1985, Stan has covered sports for multiple television stations, drawing equally from sports culture as he would sports statistics to ensure the importance of each game is well-understood. Having now written two books and produced a documentary about Augusta’s long and storied golf history, he continues to discover an Augusta its residents, and the world, have long overlooked.

From Augusta’s heyday as “Winter Capital of North America” to Bobby Jones’ dream golf course and “Golf Capital of the World” – there’s so much to Stan Byrdy’s Augusta, he cannot stop producing content. There’s too much, it seems.

And all Stan wants is for you to know it all, too.